Il driver FastVoodoo2 4. Thanks for the video. Skip through all the errors, ignoring, overwriting, etc Do you already have an account? I have a lot of these cards and not a single one would work on my Tusl2-c board with Tualatin cpu. I had already tried everything else.

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Looking for 3dfx voodoo drivers Do you already have an account? First off with a s7 pentium mmx s3 virge, now a slot pentium II mhz no luck. Reputator, have you done a thorough visual inspection of your card?

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Il driver FastVoodoo2 3. Your name or email address: I never seen this checkerboard pattern by myself, except for this odd artifact my Voodoo voocoo had and which was due to a memory issue with my Voodoo 2 it still worked fine except for that single blue block which had the same shape as those blocks that Voodoo 1 is displaying.

But there are people that have no issues on fast p3’s. So if any of you Voodoo3 owners still have any kind of third party drivers installed on your machine, forget them and download the official one from the url above.


I played it safe and started with a miminum settings x 16bit and all settings low and started going up ending with x and all settings high and it still kept on working It includes bleeding edge builds of 3dfx glide2x and glide3x drivers from http: This is basically a driver for 3dfx Voodoo2 classic 3D accelerators and for Quantum3D Obsidian2 cards.

Kerio Control Firewall 9. Meanwhile back in XP land, I tried Unreal on it yesterday and it runs like a dream. I think You should try and lower the multiplier all the way down to 5.

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Other info in readme. Voodoo voosoo are now placed in Windows System32 folder where in Windows 9x they are placed in Windows System. Some people have had success with cpu’s up voodoo 1 ghz, but that probably depends on chipset, drivers, etc. Ulteriori info e la lista completa dei problemi risolti sono consultabili visualizzando le release notes a corredo del nuovo package.

Skip through all the errors, ignoring, overwriting, etc So just test your card on a p1 or p2.


3fx site hosts no abandonware. This game, Whiplash Fatal racing is running in pure Dos mode. Last edited by Reputator on Nuova release della serie FastVoodoo2: The LegendgrafiX VoodooMage 2.

It supports DirectX 8 so that is not an issue either. Already have an account?

Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Other info and fixed bugs list is in driver release notes. Il driver FastVoodoo2 4. I have a lot of these cards and not a single one would work on my Tusl2-c board with Tualatin cpu.

Awesome 3DFX Voodoo 3/4/5 drivers for Windows XP here.

Pieno supporto alla connessione in SLI di 2 accelleratori grafici 3dfx Voodoo2. Ulteriori info nel readme. Here are a few tips I can give, based on web docs and my own experience, to possibly help you guys. Tomb Raider – Dagger of Xian dem

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