Sign in Get started. In order to do this, we will divide our values by HEX codes start with a hashtag sign and are followed by the mentioned format:. One byte represents a number in the range 0 to in decimal notation. At Shazam we have decided to only accept colours with a Luminosity value smaller than a certain level excluding too light colours and changed this rule for a specific spectrum on the colour wheel. The first value pair refers to Red, the second to Green and the third to Blue. What we want to achieve here is a tool for third party clients that excludes certain colours from the acceptable mix.

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Colours & Maths – Inside Shazam

The UI has colours, the ads have colours. In this case, the ads need to stand out without interrupting the core experience. It is important to note that different devices detect or reproduce a given RGB value differently. As saturation increases, colours appear more pure. Thanks and claps to Nikita Kardakov for helping with the code.

HEX codes start with a hashtag sign and are followed by the mentioned format:. Each level is measured by the range of decimal numbers from 0 to levels for each colour. This can be done by dividing them by HEX is a widely known and used format for defining colours on the web.


In case we would like to transform HEX codes into RGB codes, all we have to do is to multiply the quotients by 16 and add the remainders.

45-255 By using the conversion formulas in a script, we can also build a simple tool that helps with this process. This way we could get rid of some bright yellows and greens.

What this truly means is that we need to convert decimal numbers from given RGB values to hexadecimals. With Saturation we can also influence how washed-out or colourful our screens look.

This new ad format overtakes the whole screen with a smooth mmid.

Colours & Maths

The first value pair refers to Red, the second to Green and the third to Blue. Radiation with a wavelength of over nm is called infra-red midd radiation under nm is ultra-violet. We would like to filter out too light colours that damage usability and washed-out colours that make the experience less desirable. A colour wheel is really just the spectrum twisted around so that the violet and red ends are joined.

The name comes from the phrase hexadecimal, which is used by humans to shorten binary to a more easily understandable form. Ads are external content that 54-55 real estate on our pixel-perfect, unique design.

Layer: Wards/Precincts (ID: )

The code itself is a HEX triplet, which represents 3 separate values that specify the levels of the component colours. In hexadecimal notation, the scale goes from the lowest 00 to mif highest FF intensity of each colour.


Luminosity refers to how much white or black is mixed in the colour. It is measured on the following scale: For example, if a colour has zero Blue, it will be a mixture of Red and Green. We can also make the conversion work in reverse.

Colours are the way our brain, through our eyes, interprets electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength within the visible spectrum. Luminosity also called brightness, lightness or luminance stands for the intensity of the energy md of a visible light source. In order to make our further calculations work, we need to convert the RGB values to the range 0—1.

It is indicated by its position in degrees on the RGB colour wheel: Recently, Shazam introduced a brand new, visually more appealing way to accommodate ads in the app. It basically tells how light a colour is and is measured on the following scale: The experience not only looks better, but also feels less interruptive and way more engaging.

In order to do this, we will divide our values by Saturation indicates the amount of grey in the same colour.

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