Download link still not working for IE9 or Chrome. The download link does not work for me. I find your website very misleading and frankly I do not trust Blue Soleil. I Need also a working driver! To make sure to get the download for free, just make sure to create a BlueSoleil profile, “My BlueSoleil”. Bluetooth headset Dongles Bluetooth speaker BlueSoleil

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Would you please tell us you can’t install BlueSoleil or can’t activate it now? Ah no I typed too soon.

bluesoleil driver download, free bluesoleil driver download.

I really need your help. When I downloaded and installed the software it says it is an evaluation copy and only allowes 2mb of copy. Do you really need to eat your vegetables? Learn how to share your curation rights. I need to install driver but I realize their installation cd only contains BlueSoleil 6 32bit version and I am using Windows 7 64bit.

Reply 0 cmgcc Rate: Hi, you know, BlueSoleil is a pay for software, you will receive a serial number after purchasing successfully on our website. How come it is a free update for version 6 users and not version 7, and I have version 5, is my update free? Learn more about the different options.


To make sure to get the download for free, just make sure to create a BlueSoleil profile, “My BlueSoleil”. Jimbo replied at Which Windows OS versions does it run on? After logining, you have the right to add a comment or reply. Download link still not working for IE9 or Chrome.

Dear Sir I have Buy the Bluetooth 8. Our upgrade policy is as follows: Reply 0 ddevil54r Rate: Reply 1 1 urby replied at Click here to view all replies I upgraded to V8 but the software will also only transmit 2MB. If you bought a dongle with a BlueSoleil software CD from other place, you should ask your retailer if the dongle including the license for activating new version first, if yes, new version will be activated after inserting your dongle into your PC.

So they are no longer available for download. Sailing alone around the world.


Please bluesolel an Email to store bluesoleil. If you bought a serial number or a dongle from our website at the outset, now you can have free access to the latest version, you just need to do is simply download and install the software accordingly, activate it with your SN or dongle.


You use the email and password you used for the dongle purchase. Reply 0 cabbage Rate: When you download the software- save it to desktop, then install- then file it in your documents. Which is apparently V8, only worked this out from registering here, downloading V8, running install file, process started and said it was already installed. Hi, could you please speak Chinese or English? Bluetoith mi parte les otorgo puntos en lo que se refiere a versatilidad bluesoeil gracias por nada.


Nehogy valaki ilyet vegyen!!!!!! My computer was get virus and I reinstall windows and Bluetooth a few times. Hi, is there any prompt information abour that? Este producto es un desastre

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