The correct options to start the server with these modes are. Also for non PCI machines specifying this force the linear base address to be this value, reprogramming the video processor to suit. XFree86 releases later than 4. For a complete discussion on the dot clock limitations, see the next section. Note that this option only has an effect on TFT screens. With the release of XFree86 version 4. This is a very similar chip to the

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The whole thing is divided by the bytes per pixel, plus an extra byte if you are using a DSTN. For other depths this option has no effect. When the size of the mode used is less than the panel size, the default behaviour of the server is to stretch the mode in an attempt to fill the screen. Intergraph Computer Systems To be Filled based This chip is similar to the but has a 64bit memory bus as opposed to a 32bit bus.

Download free driver for Chips and Tech. If this teech is removed form xorg.

Download driver Chips and Tech. PCI(Rev0)

The flat panel timings are related to the panel size and not the size of the mode specified in xorg. Org releases later than 6.

cgips Jay Geater is the President and CEO of Solvusoft Corporation, a global software company focused on providing innovative utility software. The HiQV series of chips have three programmable clocks. This driver uses this capability to include a 16bpp framebuffer on top of an 8bpp framebuffer. Any other third-party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.


It is completely ignored for HiQV chipsets. The reason for this is that the manufacturer has used the panel timings to get a standard EGA mode to work on flat panel, and these same techh don’t work for an SVGA mode.

Many LCD displays are incapable of using a 24bpp mode. Tecy, the memory bandwidth of the video processor is shared between the two heads.

That is from 0 to for 8bit depth, 0 to 32, for 15bit depth, etc. However there are many differences at a register level. A similar level of acceleration to the is included for this driver. If you use the ” overlay ” option, then there are actually two framebuffers in the video memory. Note that many chips are capable of higher memory clocks than actually set by BIOS. chi;s

For 24bpp on TFT screens, the server assumes that a 24bit bus pxi being used. It also reduces the effect of cursor flashing during graphics operations. This is usually due to a problem with the ” LcdCenter ” option.

Chips and Technologies Video Drivers Download

Try reducing the clock. The four options are for 8bpp or less, 16, 24 or 32bpp LCD panel clocks, where the options above set the clocks to 65MHz. This allows the user to select a different clock for the server to use when returning to the text console.


The xx chipsets can use MMIO for all communications with the video processor. This driver must be considered work in progress, and those users wanting stability are encouraged to use the older XFree86 3.

Options related to drivers can be present in the Screen, Device and Monitor sections and the Display subsections.

Information for Chips and Technologies Users

The clock code can be fooled into giving a different and perhaps more stable clock by simply changing the clock value slightly. The memory bandwidth is determined by the clock used for the video memory. As use of the HiQV chipsets multimedia engine was supposed to be for things like zoomed video overlays, its use was supposed to be occasional and so most machines have their memory clock set to a value that is too high for use with the ” Overlay ” option.

Hercules Graphics Card Drivers 2 models. When the chipset is capable of linear addressing and it has been turned off by default, this option can be used to turn it back on.

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