Richards leaves their stocks a little rougher like maybe grit so there is enough wood you can make the grip etc a little larger or change the shape some to your liking. Check out Rimfire Central. The only part of their body touching the rifle is the tip of their trigger finger. A buddy just picked up his Benelli M2 today and swung by my house asking if I wanted to go for a quick jaunt to the range That is the problem with poor inletting on a lot of bolt action rifles.

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When you hit the primer, the shell went off, making a nice bang and a cloud of blackpowder smoke. It was a good price so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Mine is probably about 3 years old. I’ll give a range report soon. June 5th, Wolf and SK standard velocity ammo would be a good start, but I’m not sure how it will cycle in a semi-auto.

Customizing the Ruger 10/22

If you go to cheap on an aftermarket trigger and barrel you may not get the tackdriver you want. It seems to outshoot my Remington XRBR from the Remington Custom Shop by a hair, although I think maybe it’s because I get to spend more of the 25 minutes aiming and shooting, and less time single feeding rounds into the chamber.


A sporter barrel is not always going to produce the best results. Tacksriver use Aguila standard velociity ammo and it works fine. Am Ztock reading that right? RichardsTac-Driver stock I’m working on one now for a Marlin 60, inlet machining was very good.

Build Review: Custom 10/22 Long Range Tack Driver –

I have also shot a golf ball off the top of a rock at a little over that distance in a few shots. But I’d be interested in hearing if anyone has tried any of the DIY stuff. Anyway, you can still find old, used.

Start shopping the used gun racks! UTG and Harris bipods can tackddiver added after installing a sling swivel stud in the forend.

I don’t know about you, but after several goes at it, I’ve gotten nice triggers out of the JB weld trick and VQ hammers.

You CAN build one from scratch. I use a Weaver T, which is a great scope for the bucks.

Build Review: Custom 10/22 Long Range Tack Driver

Companies such as Tactical Solutions and Volquartsen offer improved triggers that eliminate excessive over travel and reduce the slack found in the factory trigger. Now go out and drive some tacks!!!!! Using one of these parts makes a great first step toward any trigger job.


The bolt is available separately, but currently the receiver is only available as a complete rifle. As far as Richard’s goes, their recommendation to start with 80grit for sanding out their milling marks doesn’t mean that there is enough material to do any major changes, we’re only talking about a few thousands of an inch!

I’ll take a stab at offering a few suggestions. All times are GMT It sure has a lot of lines. This was with gusting desert winds between mph. The only drawback is that the silencer is devoted to the barrel and cannot be shared among other rim fire firearms. Thanks for the info.

Power Custom “bridge” scope mount. Forgot the mag so it was a slow go at it I have read the posts on Richards stocks and am not real happy with what has been said srock them, finish and delivery time. I’ve only shot it once and, after adjusting the sight which must have been banged around in shipping, it shot fairly accurately at yds.

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