But it didn’t make more fps. Now I removed it and the system boots up as normal – without any 2D or 3D acceleration. Wed Jan 23, 1: It fails to compile and it gives me this message in the logs Does anyone knows how to heal it? Try to reconfigure xserver.

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I’ve tried oasick’s deb file from above, carefully following his directions. I managed to compile the mach64 module a few days ago, but now it refuse to compile and the dri.


Your graphics card does not support non-power-of-two textures which is necessary for 2 to work. Many thanks for the kind words.

By my little comment you must have gathered I wasn’t successful cloning 2c git so I used this method, I tried with three different machines, so its either my router which has no firewall, or my ISP which is evil After facing several problems to use git, you have to install git-core and cogito i managed to compile the mach64 kernel module, which obviously loaded successfully.

If I well understand, it seems to be a conflict between the new compiled drm module and already existed one loaded by the kernel.


Has anybody tried this with Ubuntu 8. It’s not exactly a bug There doesn’t seem to be any obvious difference between our config files, although I did notice you are using X.

HOWTO: enable 3d acceleration w/ Rage Mobility (mach64) [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

The 3 is for front, back, and depth buffers. Xfe Edgy mhz celeron ram 4mg ati3d rage is all you need!

I forgot to change my profile after I upgraded. I’d go over to http: It seems that it will be a cold day in hell before there will be a rewrite of the mach64 driver to fix the potential security issues and its eventual incorporation into the main Xorg source trees.

Binary snapshots only work with a recent X. Cant get this to work: Should I use rlinux.

Display Adapters – ATI – ATI RAGE MOBILITY-M1 AGP2X Computer Driver Updates

Let us know how it goes. Then when I restarted, xserver freaked out.

Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! I got this message Syntax error: Select type of offense: Check this please maliks tuxido: CPU Utilization when moving windows is just as high in Gnome.

Unknown device ff00 Flags: I’m new to this but I see that Ubuntu has a lot of potential on this old machine. Is there some kind of commonly used 3D-benchmark around for Linux systems?


No luck so far. Then it would be easy to replace the files on my notebook and having direct rendering! So, hat’s off to everyone who figured this out. So, it works, but not usable for me – I returned back to the x, 24bpp, zgp 3d accel.

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Now it may be a bit harder for him to get to level 33! One of the main developers on the mach64 branch has stated that his laptop with the Rage Mobility chip has died and the project no longer affects him personally. Thank you for this nice Mobiliyy

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