Friday, still packing 58 mph sustained winds and mph gusts. Education Steinberg offers a range of products at special education pricing for facilities, educators and students. Southeast winds between 12 and 23 mph are forecast for Wednesday evening, shifting to the south and southwest between 23 and 29 mph by early Thursday morning, subsiding by Friday evening. If Soulik keeps on its present path, it should pick up forward speed and head northwest, passing miles northeast of Kadena at 7 p. Expansions for VST Instruments.

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Soulik is forecast to pass 29 miles east-southeast of Kunsan and cmf miles east of Osan Air Base between 9 a. A small-craft advisory remains in effect for Guam until 5 a.

Soulik has remained quasi-stationary over the past 12 hours. At Osan Air Base, the duty day begins at 11 a. Soulik is forecast to weaken sufficiently that it may strike or pass by on Thursday as a tropical storm, instead of a typhoon. Wednesday, Soulik is forecast to be miles southeast of Sasebo, still packing mph sustained winds and mph gusts at center. Soulik continues heading north-northwest for the moment.

C,c point of approach by Typhoon Soulik to Okinawa has come and gone. Sometime later Friday, Soulik should become a typhoon. Thursday, still packing mph sustained winds and mph gusts at center.

Tropical Storm 22W (Soulik), #33 – Pacific Storm Tracker – Stripes

It and all U. Tropical Storm 22W Soulik Home Blogs Pacific Storm Tracker. Typhoon-force winds extend 45 miles from center, while tropical storm-force winds extend miles east and miles west of center, according to the National Weather Service on Guam.


22a 11th, Version 1. Tropical Storm Soulik continues weakening as it crosses the Korean peninsula. Monday, Soulik will have weakened considerably, but should still be a Category 1-equivalent typhoon, mph sustained vmc and mph gusts about 85 miles due south of Ckc. Soulik has picked up forward speed and intensified slightly, and remains forecast to bypass Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, and Sasebo Naval Base in western Japan, but continues to put U. Soulik is then forecast to weaken as it keeps heading for Kyushu, passing 21 miles east of Sasebo at high noon Wednesday, still packing mph sustained winds and mph gusts at center.

Soulik is due to pass miles west of Sasebo, 45 miles west of Chinhae Naval Base, 74 miles west of Pusan and 71 miles east of Kunsan Air Base between 5 p. Joint Typhoon Warning Center projects Soulik to intensify into a Category 4-equivalent storm as it marches northwest toward Kyushu, where it should maintain Category 3 status as it approaches Sasebo Naval Base. Friday, then 12 miles east of Osan, 7 miles east of Camp Humphreys and 25 miles east of Yongsan Garrison between 7 and 8 a.

Soulik is forecast to pass miles northeast of Kadena at 6 p. At midnight Tuesday, Soulik was miles south-southeast of Kunsan and miles south-southeast of Osan Air Base, headed northwest at 15 mph and had weakened slightly, to mph sustained 22ww and mph gusts at center.


Final destination remains quite the guessing game. Tuesday, Soulik was miles northeast of Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, miles south-southeast of Kunsan and miles south-southeast of Osan, moving northwest at 15 mph cmcc holding steady at mph sustained winds cmx mph gusts.

CMC Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

Tuesday and miles west-southwest of Sasebo at 6 p. Tuesday, then miles west-southwest of Cmmc 22 hours later. Thursday, increasing to destructive mph sustained winds at 7 a. As with most software, the retail value is reflected in the license to use this product.

And according to its latest forecast track, Soulik might have a Wednesday afternoon date with Sasebo Naval Base. Kunsan continues to brace for the onset of mph sustained winds 2w2 4 a. If Soulik keeps moving as forecast, it should peak at Category 4-equivalency, mph sustained winds and mph gusts at around mid-morning Monday.


Model guidance is divided, with some models preferring the northwest track and others favoring a curve northeast toward east-central Honshu. The big question, as always, is will Soulik remain on its current course. If Soulik remains on its current course, it should pass miles northeast of Kadena at 9 p. A high surf and small craft advisory remains in effect Guam, Rota, 22 and Tinian.

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