Reads PNM files Comment: That’s worth a look, the next time I need to scan I’ll try it. Well, connecting directly, without hub, didn’t work. There is however a software utility to use your scanner with a printer for copying. I thought I’d at least get to make 10 or 20 good scans with the trial, but I got those obnoxious dollar signs right from the start.

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However, at this stage, only a handful of cameras are definitely known to work with SANE. May 10, Epson Perfection Photo Flatbed Same name, but different snapscab Ask a question Reset.

SnapScan Backend for SANE

Then I went to Devices and Printers, right-clicked on the U and chose “Troubleshoot” – Windows then found and installed the driver automatically. First I installed libusb. You must have eagle eyes. Even better, if you compile the 2.

SnapScan Backend for SANE

At least ndaneau seems to have the firmware upload issue, would be interesting to hear of any progress from you? This Agfa u helps you to connect the scanner and preserve your digitized files in a computer or on the net with its dependable USB computer connection.


Snapscaj opens, but can’t dpson the Agfa SnapScan u scanner hitting Scan provides a blank image, not surprisingly since there is no movement from the scanner; hitting Preview brings up “inMethodMakeCommand”, pressing OK on that brings up “inMethodDoPreview. Agfa SnapScan p Flatbed Latest Mountain Lion Hints Apple gets what it pays for Review: I found this link from the Agfa home page, where they say they no longer support their scanner line.

Should be no harm whatsoever.

Please contact me if you own such a scanner. Snapsvan formerly known as Acer Peripherals sell their scanners under a number of names, e.

I thought I’d at least get to make 10 or 20 good scans with the trial, but I got those obnoxious dollar signs right from the start. The rest is working. The good thing about this software is that is will work with any scanner.

We reinstalled all the SANE packages and restarted, but still have the same problem. Probably unsupported at the moment.


I have had no problem switching to SL with my using VueScan. Xsane just shows a slightly bluey blurred page as a preview and a finished product. I had to extract the gtxfw.

Visit other IDG sites: I will tell, but I just downloaded the epson Have you tried the other firmware file ESFW Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

Driver for Agfa u Scanner? – Apple Community

Backend generates binary and grayscale modes. After applying steps in first post I can now enjoy my scanner. Please don’t send me emails relating to Windows drivers.

Also serves as example for SANE backend options. It now includes the fix mentioned by edopizza. When booting Ubuntu after using Windows, the scanner is OK.

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