Telemis specializes in the filmless management of medical images. Chi Lin Technology CLT has 40 years of development experience delivering value through its expertise in material science, pigment chemistry and manufacturing. LG Electronics is expanding its U. Technology Guides Media Contact Form. Prior to contacting the worldwide technical support team by phone or email, please ensure that you have the following information available to provide to our technical service representatives:.

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Introducing the new Matrox MED4mp display controller board

Continuing its tradition of delivering value through solution integration, CLT entered the option industry in and has become the world’s most fully integrated manufacturer of Flat Panel Displays. Matrox was selected matrxo produce a bit display controller board for the Dome EX grayscale display products matdox could deliver up to 1, calibrated shades of gray. With an ever-increasing number of bit applications using Matrox technology, radiologists are no longer limited to displaying simultaneous shades of gray.

The Telemis product family includes a broad range of integrated clinical solutions such as for Orthopedics, Cardiology and Breast Imaging, meeting the unique requirements and specialized needs of today’s physicians. Sectra is a leading provider of digital solutions for PACS, mammography and orthopedics with more than installations world-wide.

To submit a technical support request, please complete our contact form. Availability and support The Matrox MED Series display controller boards currently support single, dual, and as well, multi-board, multi-display configurations. Carestream Mammography Solutions are equipped with a full toolset that includes functions specifically designed to optimize the reading and manipulation of mammography images.

MED Series Board Drives High-Resolution Color Displays

For more information matrix Matrox Graphics Inc. If, however, this option is not feasible, a Matrox technical support person will be pleased to assist you. This 5 megapixel, high-brightness color monitor has the high-definition display necessary for breast imaging.


Chicago, Illinois, USA — Matrox showcased current, new and upcoming technology at RSNAincluding bit display controller boards for radiology, and graphics extension technology for digital ORs.

For hardware warranty assistance, return your system to your systems integrator or dealer who will be responsible for returning it to Matrox for repair. LG Electronics is expanding its U. All of Swissray’s DR systems include fully automated, remote controlled system positioning.

Merge Healthcare Carestream Health, Inc. Matrx Matrox MED Series display controller boards currently support single, dual, and as well, multi-board, multi-display configurations.

Matrox shows strong global placement

Based on our experience with Matrox medical products to date, we know that Matrox graphics cards provide the outstanding image quality that medical imaging professionals insist upon. Capable of driving all types of displays, MED Series display controller boards boast the widest range of grayscale and color, resolution and operating system support on the market, making them ideal solutions for medical imaging professionals who demand the utmost in flexibility, quality, software compatibility and product features.

The Matrox MED Series represents a top-to-bottom solution designed to meet the demanding needs of medical imaging professionals. Chi Lin Technology Co. Technology Guides Media Contact Form. For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc.

News Flat Panel Displays February 21, The Matrox MED Series brings advanced functionality and flexibility to the medical imaging market with extensive multi-monitor support, pristine image quality and robust drivers. Matrox Graphics solutions for medical imaging professionals are generally designed for and bundled with medical imaging displays or integrated within modality OEM solutions from a variety of industry partners.

One of Sectra’s RSNA highlights was their micro-dose full-field digital mammography system, optimized for the challenging requirements of today’s breast imaging centers. If you have questions or comments about Matrox Graphics medical imaging display controller boards, please contact us via our online form. Both Matrox MED and Matrox RAD Series boards are equipped with Hardware Pivot for smooth and accelerated portrait image displays, and are capable of driving various combinations of grayscale and color displays in stretched or independent modes.


Examples include Advanced Segmentation for lesion contouring where tumor identification in US, CT, MG and MR is greatly simplified, and Mammography Skinline detection for optimal viewing of mammography images and inverse rendering. Technology Flat Panel Displays March 30, Customers who have matrod a system mwtrox integrates a Matrox product, we recommend that you first contact your systems integrator or local dealer for technical support.

Telemis-Medical is a modular and scalable PACS solution that will integrate into your existing healthcare information system.

Eizo RadiForce displays are capable of displaying up to 1, simultaneous shades of gray and are available bundled with Matrox MED Series bit display controller boards. Not only a standard medical display product provider, CLT also provides technical service for customized design from the cabinet industrial design to meet any special image requirement for optimizing the unique medical equipment performance.

Matrox client ID register now to obtain one if you do not have one Matrox part and serial Manufacturer and model of the system or motherboard being used with your Matrox product To submit a technical support request, please complete our contact form.

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