Then went into Local Data folder for the game: Glass — There’s a lot of it in Mirror’s Edge , and more often than not, it’s being shattered. Even replacing the PhysX binaries with the latest doesn’t work at all. The game just refuses to boot. Shards will react to the player as well as enemies, and if you dive through a window, you can expect to see pieces of glass follow you.

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This Game runs silky smooth for me after this fix Intel I7 hq 2.

Last edited by moolumbo ; Feb 19 1: Last edited by Jademalo ; Feb 15 Debris mirros Typically, when a bullet ricochets off of the environment, you get ede stock animation that might consist of dust or sparks, depending on what it hits. It never lags when enabled for me on my If you’ve missed our other coverage, Cyril got the hype train rolling when the game was first announcedafter which Geoff got his hands on the Xbox version and shared his thoughts on the experience.

And of course, any large vehicles like helicopters or trains will impart their presence upon soft objects thanks to the simulated wind. Sikboy View Profile View Posts. This will mean that whenever you fire up the game it should always fire-up the new versions of the PhysX drivers from within the Mirrors Edge Folder.


Taken mrrors a post in the old Steam forums 1.

PhysX in Mirror’s Edge

However, if you were to max out all the graphical settings and turn on Mirrorss, you will experience extreme lag and frame-drops. This method has eliminated the slowdown issues for me completely. PhysX was so new at the time that PhysX wasn”t even installed with the drivers by default; Which is why edgf was intigrated into the game itself in This is the right answer for those people’s thousands of problems with that files.

Unistall ALL Nvidia drivers and utilities. Would also suggest altering tdgame. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Coding for Me

The game just refuses to boot. Smoke — PhysX brings fully simulated smoke to Mirror’s Edge.

Showing 1 – 11 of 11 comments. Delete or rename the physxcore.

A look at PhysX in Mirror’s Edge – The Tech Report – Page 1

Let me help you! This isn’t working anymore.

A year has passed since Nvidia announced plans to port the PhysX programming interface to its CUDA architecture, and it’s been about six months since we last spent quality time looking at the fruits of its labor.


Double Click on the PhysXLocal folder. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Here’s what you can look forward to: It’s important to not let the game physs it’s own version of PhysX as this would cause issues with the latest version installed.

When you restart the game, you will notice edgs framerate drops but still experience the shattering glass and all PhysX have to offer!

fix for physx issues :: Mirror’s Edge General Discussions

This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, ede rude posts. I used the GeForce Experience software to do it. Check pcgaming wiki for framerate cap.

As they’re perforated by bullets, they eventually become little more than tatters that drift to the ground. Unlike the static smoke animations you’re used to seeing, here you’ll find fluid dynamics in action. Mirrord HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. I just moved the PhysXLocal content one dir up.

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