Still, some very high performance here. We’ve briefly discussed the merits of the Geforce4 Ti The only notable detraction is its inability to display and process streams with resolutions greater than x It’s easy to see that Ti really is the fastest chip out right now. It’s only just that a top-end card should be benchmarked with other cutting-edge components. You can see the transparent cover sitting on top of the fins, we feel it gives the MSI a classy look. We ran the lobby tests to check for memory overclockability.

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Not content with three excellent games, you are also furnished with seven demos including amongst others, Serious Sam, Comanche, Ghost Recon, and Swat 3. It has full hardware support for DirectX 8, can make really pretty water, do fancy things with shadows, cook your breakfast and compliment you g4ti46000 your new haircut, too.

MSI G4Ti4600-VTD (MS-8872 8872-040) GeForce 4 Titanium 4600 DDR/

I’d guess that this was also a “‘driver thing. We’ve gained ever so slightly on the GPU clock and gained around The text and images produced by the MSI are subjectively excellent at my regular resolution of xx32 85Hz. Even though the memory on the Ti runs very fast the BGA chips handle the heat a little bit better than their TSOP-II cousins do, and that is probably why there is no ramsink requirement I would add on aftermarket coolers personally.

I hadn’t run the Jedi Outcast tests on the eVGA card and don’t have access to it for a comparison, g4ti44600 yes, it seems that the both the Ti and Radeon managed to outscore the Ti here in different places. The back of the MSI is standard fare. There’s nothing else special to note about the card. No strange effects issues here and performance results show the same pattern as Comanche 4.


As you can perhaps see, the set of fins help gt4i4600 channel the heat away from the GPU to the surrounding areas. The RAM is left bare.

MSI G4TiVT2D8X Videocard Review –

After all, we’re dealing with a MHz core still manufactured on a 0. It was without doubt the most high-pitched video card fan that we had ever heard. Most novice users will appreciate this mdi greatly.

Click to find out more. I’d think the differences between the cards here could be a result of the different driver revisions or just the randomness of benchmarking a system. These aren’t exactly new games, but they are all very pretty, they were all quite good well, Aquanox was merely all right but No One Livers Forever makes up for that, besides you have to include something to show off the card’s g4ti460, right? Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at this extra-long GeForce 4 Ti and some of the things which make it a killer!

The rest of their software bundle is really quite nice, and this is something that I think more manufacturers should do.

Still, some very high performance here. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Both are still the highest-scoring cards I’ve seen in this test, though. Dozens of manufacturers have released cards based on the chipset.


The suitably impressive graphics seek to demonstrate the power of the card contained within. The overall bundle is reassuringly impressive, one shouldn’t expect anything less when purchasing a flagship video card.

The results were sharp, clear and eminently watchable. Incidentally, removing the transparent cover by unscrewing the four small screws that hold it in g4hi4600 results in markedly quieter operation.

Support For G4TiVTD | Graphics card – The world leader in display performance | MSI USA

The e-GeForce numbers were taken from an older review; it was tested with a slightly older beta reference driver build, version It’s easy to see y4ti4600 Ti really is the fastest chip out right now.

Even at MHz memory speed, the RAM was warm but not burning to the touch, we’re not sure how beneficial extra heatsinks would have been. The manual deserves a mention. Although not included with our particular review card, we have it on good authority that a DVI-to-VGA adapter is now shipping with the MSI Tiwe welcome this as the consumer should not have to invest in further hardware when purchasing a flagship card.

But at the same time, Ti and Ti cards are available at lower prices. The hardware-accelerated DVD playback provides good image quality though not quite on par with ATi’s offerings yet.

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